AdSense exchange ‘a great opportunity’ for bitcoin users

AdSense exchange ‘a great opportunity’ for bitcoin users

Posted by New Scientist on February 12, 2018 07:59:53AdSense Exchange is the third-largest ad platform in the world and one of the fastest growing businesses in the advertising industry.

It’s been gaining momentum since 2015 when it launched its online ad-buying service, which allows users to make payments to brands and websites via bitcoin. 

However, while bitcoin and ad exchanges have been around for a while, the growth of the ad platform has been more rapid than many thought.

According to AdSense Exchange CEO, Jeff Kao, the platform is now one of five top ten advertising platforms in the United States. 

“AdSense has been an important partner for our business for many years,” Kao said.

“We have a long history of building trust with brands through AdSense, and it is exciting to be able to leverage the technology of Bitcoin to grow this relationship.” 

While Kao doesn’t want to reveal any more details about AdSense’s relationship with bitcoin, the exchange’s platform is the second-largest in the US, after Google, and is also growing rapidly.

According on its website, AdSense is a “digital marketing platform for brands, companies and individuals” and was founded in 2005 by Jeff Bezos. 

Kao said AdSense had been using the technology for years but it only began to become mainstream in 2018.

“In 2018, Adsense was the fastest-growing digital marketing platform in US history,” he said. 

AdSense started with an initial partnership with a few small startups, and over the years, it expanded to many of the largest ad platforms in America, including Amazon, Facebook, Google and Yahoo. 

The bitcoin exchange also launched its own payment processor, BitPay, which has partnered with ad exchanges like AdSense to make it easier for bitcoin payment to be processed. 

But AdSense also announced it was expanding its payment infrastructure to the UK in 2017, and in 2020 it started accepting bitcoin payments for purchases. 

In January, AdScent Exchange announced it had partnered with Google to offer Bitcoin payments for search results in the UK. 

It said AdSale Exchange had also partnered with a number of ad platforms and retailers to accept bitcoin payments in the region. 

Despite this rapid growth, AdSanity’s Kao also cautioned that the exchange isn’t yet ready to offer bitcoin to its customers.

“We don’t yet have a Bitcoin payment processor that’s ready to accept Bitcoin,” Kano said.

“We’re not ready to make a transaction with Bitcoin right now, but we do have a lot of partners that are already offering Bitcoin.”

 While AdSense has partnered up with ad networks to accept payments from bitcoin, it’s unclear whether AdSense will accept Bitcoin payments itself, or if the exchange will simply use BitPay to handle the process. 

While bitcoin is still a speculative asset at present, it does have some benefits that have proven to be worth the risk. 

According to Kao and AdSense CEO, the first bitcoin transaction to take place with AdSense in 2018 was a 1,500-euro payment to a company called Lotto, which is a travel agency in the Netherlands. 

And in 2017 and 2018, the company said it accepted Bitcoin payments as part of its payment platform. 

There are still a few unknowns when it comes to the future of bitcoin and AdSaneity, but the company is betting that people will want to buy and sell advertising space on the platform.

AdSense will be accepting bitcoins in the near future, but Kao is also hoping that more companies will follow his lead.

“If you want to use Bitcoin for your ad buying, then it’s the most secure way to do that,” he told New Scientist.

“If people are going to accept it for payments, then that’s going to be an important thing for AdSense.”

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