Apple plans to release iOS 9.0 for Mac, PC, and Linux, MacInsider reports

Apple plans to release iOS 9.0 for Mac, PC, and Linux, MacInsider reports

Apple will be releasing a Mac version of iOS 9, according to a report from MacInsiders.

The news comes just two days after Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple would be making iOS 9 “free” to the public, adding, “If you want to use it on your Mac, you’ll be able to do so.”

Apple has been working on a Mac-only iOS 9 since the company acquired the developer team for iOS 9 in March.

iOS 9 will have the full Mac-centric interface and features like Spotlight and iMessage, but Apple will also be releasing an official SDK for developers to build applications for the Mac.

The Mac-exclusive SDK will allow developers to integrate Apple’s existing iOS development tools, but it will not be available to developers to use for their own apps.

Apple will allow third-party developers to make apps for the OS, but only if the apps work with the full ecosystem of its Mac-compatible devices.

Apple will not allow third party developers to access the full Siri, Photos, and Contacts APIs to create apps for Mac.

Apple said this would be a “feature that we’re committed to bringing to the Mac,” but it’s unclear how this feature will be implemented on the OS.iOS 9 will be available as a free download on Apple’s App Store, but developers will need to register their apps with the company before releasing them on the platform.iOS developers will have a few ways to get started with iOS 9: The Mac version will come with a custom version of the MacOS X Yosemite 10.12.3 update, which will provide new features like the ability to use the “Smart Lock” feature in the lock screen and Siri integration.

Developers will also need to create a new app and include it in the iOS version.

Apple also plans to offer a paid version of MacOS Sierra, which could include new features, but that will not appear on the Mac OS Store.

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