How to manage your health and wellbeing

How to manage your health and wellbeing

A new survey has revealed that some people are still struggling with managing their health and well-being.

The survey, by the Wellbeing Research Centre (WRC) at the University of Queensland, asked 5,000 Australians about their personal wellbeing and how they are dealing with health and wellness issues.

The results revealed that around a quarter of people were experiencing stress or anxiety in their everyday lives, and that these feelings were often fuelled by a number of different issues.

“When it comes to wellbeing, the majority of people still experience stress and anxiety at work, at home, and at home in the community,” said Dr Anne Tulloch, WRC senior research associate and senior researcher.

“In addition, a significant proportion of Australians still experience depression and anxiety.”

However, we are finding that a large proportion of people who are struggling with their wellbeing and health also struggle with depression and addictions, or who suffer from some form of anxiety.

“The survey found that almost three quarters of people aged 65 and over said that they had experienced at least one of these issues, with one in five reporting an addiction.”

There are a number and range of factors that contribute to stress and that includes the work environment, and the way people are socialised,” said Tullos Dr. Dr. Tullock said the survey was a “first-of-its-kind survey” and the findings revealed some “challenges” for some of those who were struggling with wellbeing issues.

She said some of the biggest challenges were around the ways in which they interacted with others, and how people viewed themselves.”

This is a very complex area to tackle, and one that we are not yet fully aware of,” she said.”

We hope this survey will be a first step in the right direction, and provide a baseline for further research.

“What is stress?

What is anxiety?

Read moreAbout five per cent of Australians have a mental health disorder, and more than one in 10 of these people have an addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

Dr Tulloz said it was important to understand what the different types of mental health disorders were, and to recognise what factors were associated with each.”

Mental health issues are often associated with specific psychological or emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder,” she explained.”

Other mental health issues can be linked to a person’s physical or mental health condition, and may include a range of different problems that are not directly related to a mental illness.””

People with a mental disorder often have difficulty accepting change, and experiencing negative outcomes in life, such as social isolation, depression and substance misuse,” she added.”

The research shows that, despite the widespread stigma that surrounds mental health conditions, people who suffer these conditions often feel more empowered and positive in their life than people who do not.

“For example, a person with a substance misuse disorder may feel more positive about themselves and feel more comfortable with their own health, than someone who is not a substance abuser.”

People can learn to manage their mental health in a variety of ways, such a using medication, attending counselling, and getting support from a mental healthcare professional.””

The research also shows that there are also health benefits associated with a range, but not all, of these health problems.”

People can learn to manage their mental health in a variety of ways, such a using medication, attending counselling, and getting support from a mental healthcare professional.

“What can we do about it?

Tulloch said it is important to talk to your GP or nurse about your mental health and to be able to talk with your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist.”

You can also get help at your local health centre, as they may have trained counsellors who can talk with you about your health, and who can provide information about your substance use, or your mental illness,” she noted.”

A number of mental healthcare professionals also offer support services to those who have mental health problems, so you should speak to your doctor or nurse.

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