How to pay for your health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition

How to pay for your health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition

A new study finds that the cost of a plan in the individual market can be about twice as high as the cost for a plan sold on the exchange. 

The analysis by Health Policy Research Associates of 1035 Exchange in California found that the average deductible for a pre­-existing medical condition rose to about $6,000 from $3,700 in 2017, while the average cost of coverage for a family with two adults with pre-existing conditions rose to $14,500 from $6.10, according to the analysis.

The average premium increase for a 2018 plan in California was nearly four times the average premium hike for a 2017 plan, Health Policy Analysts found.

Even though the average annual deductible is much higher than the deductible for the ACA’s employer-based health plans, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that for people who are self-insured, the deductible is lower. 

As you might expect, those with pre­existing conditions are the most likely to face premium increases, HealthPolicy Research Associates found.

For example, the average increase for people with pre ­existing conditions is $2,300.

That means if you get your COVID-19 shot at age 50, you’re looking at a bill for $2.8 million for a 20-year plan. 

In 2018, Kaiser found that about 18.6 million Americans with pre‑existing conditions had to pay more out of pocket for health insurance coverage than they were previously required to pay, up from 14.6 percent in 2017.

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