Which exchange rules will you need to follow if you want to ride a bike?

Which exchange rules will you need to follow if you want to ride a bike?

The rules governing the use of motorbikes and bikes on the roads of Norfolk are likely to change, in the wake of the death of one man, but the government has been reluctant to make changes that would reduce the amount of bikes on Norfolk roads.

The Norfolk and Suffolk County Council has said it will not change the exchange rules until the coroner reports the death, which occurred in the early hours of February 9.

The council said the decision to remove the ban was made because there were no available numbers to compare.

A spokeswoman said the council had been told there were currently no available statistics for how many motorbike journeys there were in Norfolk.

But, she said, there were more than 2,200 motorbiker journeys on the road.

Councils have been asked to consider the issue when they make any changes to the rules.

It is expected the rules will be re-written, possibly to remove an exemption to allow drivers to drive motorbiking and bike together.

Motorbiking on the streets of Norfolk is not a crime.

Motorbikes are not allowed on the pavements of busy roads and are not permitted on the motorways.

Motorbike riders are permitted to use the pavement of a busy road to cycle in the same direction as the motorist, but not on the same side of the road, unless the motorbike is fitted with a speed sensor.

The council’s decision to withdraw the exemption came after the death last year of 27-year-old Anthony Thomas, who was killed on a motorbike at an intersection.

Thomas died after the cyclist collided with a tractor-trailer in the area of St Mary’s Road and Main Street in Norfolk, causing the tractor-car to hit him and his bicycle.

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