How Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington could be a ‘catastrophe’

How Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington could be a ‘catastrophe’

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been meeting with President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, for a three-day visit.

On Thursday, Trump’s administration announced a revised immigration policy for the United States, which would give priority to those who are seeking to enter the country legally and the “most vulnerable.”

The policy would allow those who meet certain conditions to enter, but it has not yet been implemented.

It was the first major policy change in a month.

Israel is a close US ally, and it is unlikely that the White House will be pleased with the new policies.

Trump has said that he would “work with Israel to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” and he has repeatedly urged Israel to “take back” the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

However, it is unclear whether the president has the will or will-power to follow through on his promise.

According to a new poll by the Israel Democracy Institute, 55% of Israelis say they support Trump’s decision to end the Israeli occupation of the West Jerusalem region.

However a majority of Americans also support Trump, but the numbers are not as high as they were last month.

The new poll also found that 70% of Americans support the US’s position on Iran, but that is down from a high of 88% in July.

Trump will visit Israel later on Thursday.

He is expected to address the annual Herzliya Conference, which is sponsored by the US Conference of Presidents.

The president has promised to improve ties with Israel, and said that the US is “keeping a watchful eye” on the situation in Gaza and the West on the Palestinian territories.

Trump’s comments have also caused concern among the Israeli public.

Israeli Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Reuven Rivlin have both said that they would like to see a peace deal with the Palestinians.

In response to Trump’s policies, Israeli voters have voiced their concerns over the United Nations’ stance against the Israeli settlements in the West Wall and East Hebron Hills.

In a recent poll conducted by the Israeli daily Haaretz, the majority of Israeli citizens believe that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, while fewer Israelis believe that Britain will leave.

The Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, has expressed concern about the Trump administration’s stance towards Israel and the Palestinian people.

“We believe that President Trump’s policy toward Israel and his attitude towards the Palestinians is an attack on our people,” Abbas said in a speech on Wednesday.

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