Why do so many Juventus fans hate the return of Giuseppe Rossi?

Why do so many Juventus fans hate the return of Giuseppe Rossi?

On Saturday, Juventus supporters held an unofficial referendum on whether to return to the club that had taken them so long to leave.

The fans were angry about the lack of results and were even more upset that the players who had left the club last summer, including their coach and most important player, Giuseppo Scirea, had been allowed to stay.

Juventus had been set to leave for a third successive season under new owner Massimo Moratti, but Moratti has decided to wait until the end of the season to sell the club, which is believed to have cost the Italian club around €7m.

Moratti is the man behind the new owner who, as head of Juventus, also owns the club’s players and the directors.

But Moratti also wants to sell some of his prized assets, including the €300m-plus transfer fee for Andrea Pirlo and the €200m for James Rodriguez.

Many supporters believe the sale of these assets will be the final nail in the coffin of the Giusepi Rossi era.

“I think that Moratti wants to keep the players because they have made such a difference for the team, the fans and the country,” said Marcello Carlini, who is a member of the Juventus Ultras who have been organising a peaceful protest in front of the stadium.

“This is the moment that is coming, when they all need to unite and unite again.”

Rossi, who has spent his entire career at the club and has won the league three times, is set to become the fifth-highest paid player in the world with an estimated €100m in wages.

But some fans are also unhappy that the club is not selling more players.

“It’s not about the money.

It’s about the respect and dignity of the players, the respect of the fans, and the respect that the city deserves,” said Massimo Pardo, who was a part of the club during the Rossi era, who also attended the march in the streets of Turin.

“In the end, we all have to fight against Moratti.

We have to be strong.

He’s trying to sell us out.

But we are still here, and we’ll continue to fight until the very end.”

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