“How Trump Won” (and How It Can Be Stopped)

“How Trump Won” (and How It Can Be Stopped)

In a time when the mainstream media has been reduced to a mere echo chamber, it is imperative that we all become part of the solution.

If we do not, the only way to stop Trumpism is to stop the mainstream from even starting.

It is time for all of us to speak out.

The mainstream media, including the mainstream of the Democratic Party, is a collection of corrupt political operatives and political hacks.

They know they cannot win the presidency in the current political climate.

So they are working to destroy the legitimacy of our elections and our government.

But they do not know that the only solution is to join together to save democracy.

We must speak out against this media-driven effort to take over our government and our lives.

There is no better way to stand up for the values and principles of our democracy than by standing with the majority of Americans who have rejected the corrupt and corrupting efforts of the establishment media.

The establishment media, however, is not afraid to resort to the same tactics they used to take down President Trump.

The media is not only working to undermine President Trump but to destroy our democracy.

To the establishment, this is nothing new.

They were once the same corporate entities that dominate our lives, but they are now an independent, unaccountable entity that is out of control.

We cannot allow that to happen.

If the establishment continues to engage in the same attacks on our democracy that it has been engaging in for the last 30 years, the public will not stand by while this corrupt and destructive media machine continues to abuse its power.

The people are not only demanding that they be allowed to have their voice heard but also that we demand an end to the corruption and deceit that the establishment is using to take control of our government, our lives and our futures.

The time has come to fight back against the establishment’s corrupt agenda.

The American people deserve better than a corrupt, unelected media that does not represent them.

We deserve a government that represents them, not the media.

We want a government where we can speak truth to power.

A government that does what is right for our country.

We need a government in Washington, DC that will listen to the people.

A country where we are not afraid of those who want to destroy us.

A nation that does right by the people and the middle class.

We demand that the American people demand that a government listen to them and stop the corrupt agenda of the media, the Democrats, and their corrupt operatives.

We will fight until our voices are heard, and until we stop this corrupt media machine that is trying to destroy American democracy.

Together, we can save the United States of America.

Mark S. Johnson is the Founder and CEO of The John Birch Society and a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission.

He is the author of “America’s Great Depression” and the co-author of “The Conspiracy of Silence: The Secret History of the JFK Assassination.”

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