‘Bought a house with the intent of flipping it’: Owner of an antique auto exchange in Tustin finds $1M of jewelry worth $2M

‘Bought a house with the intent of flipping it’: Owner of an antique auto exchange in Tustin finds $1M of jewelry worth $2M

Tustintown, California (CNN) An old-school auto auctioneer in Tampico, California, says he had just one goal when he purchased a $1 million vintage car for $2 million.

“It’s an antique car,” he told CNNMoney.

“I wanted it to be mine.”

But that goal changed when he was offered a $2.5 million gift.

It all started when a man approached him with an offer to buy a new-car for $200,000.

The man said the vehicle was worth $1.5 billion.

“I thought, ‘I want to own it and drive it,'” he said.

He thought it was a good deal.

“Then he told me, ‘You can drive it to me.’

I said, ‘OK.’

So I drove it to his house.”

The buyer, however, was not the real estate agent.

It was the man’s ex-wife.

A few weeks later, the ex-husband called to ask for his ex-girlfriend’s car.

He said he was buying it to drive to her house for a wedding anniversary.

But when the buyer asked the man for proof, the woman said the car had been stolen.

“That’s when he realized, ‘Well, I can’t sell it,'” the ex­wife said.

They ended up divorcing.

Then, the car was found abandoned in a parking lot of the exes home.

“This was my dream car, my dream vehicle, and the seller’s wife had left it,” the ex‐wife said.

“The man didn’t know the woman had stolen it.

He told me I could drive it.”Read More

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