When Cotton Exchange, Cotton Gun Exchange Will Close After Florida Deal

When Cotton Exchange, Cotton Gun Exchange Will Close After Florida Deal

In a sign of how badly the Trump administration is struggling to keep the two gun-exchange companies going, the Trump Administration on Thursday ordered both companies to cease operations in the state.

Trump has repeatedly accused both companies of running a “fraud” that he says has cost taxpayers more than $100 million in fines.

Both companies say they have no plans to resume operations.

The order from the Justice Department came as the states of Georgia and Florida announced plans to shutter their gun-related businesses.

The announcement comes a day after a federal judge in Atlanta issued a temporary restraining order blocking enforcement of Trump’s executive order on immigration.

The companies say the order was meant to target companies that sell firearms to people convicted of gun crimes, but critics say it targets the companies that provide the same services to consumers.

The Trump administration has also been pushing to shut down more than 1,000 businesses that have done business with the companies.

The move to shut them down comes just as the Department of Justice is working on a new federal gun-control law that includes provisions targeting the gun-manufacturing and gun-selling industries.

The new law would require gun retailers to be federally licensed and would prohibit the sale of assault weapons.

The White House is hoping to pass the legislation before Congress breaks for the August recess.

Trump’s efforts to keep gun companies in business have been met with criticism.

The President has repeatedly criticized the companies, including by calling them “scam businesses.”

The president has also said that the companies should shut down.

The Justice Department issued a statement saying that the two companies were “part of the largest gun-supply chain in the world” and that “the companies’ failure to comply with the federal government’s gun-buyback program resulted in significant financial harm to the state and federal governments.”

The company, the gun dealer and gun manufacturer called the federal gun buyback program a “flawed and inefficient” attempt to remove guns from the hands of criminals.

The company has repeatedly said that it will continue to provide the services to gun buyers and law-abiding gun owners.

The Attorney General’s Office, which is working with the two firms to resolve their dispute, said that if the companies continue to fail to comply, it may seek injunctive relief to “ensure that the defendants do not fail to make their products available for sale.”

The companies have argued that the federal program is unconstitutional because it fails to allow gun buyers to have the ability to make a legitimate gun purchase without being forced to undergo background checks and be subject to criminal prosecution.

The DOJ said it is reviewing the order and will respond to it.

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