A beauty exchange takes place in Tel Aviv’s Alon Shvut

A beauty exchange takes place in Tel Aviv’s Alon Shvut

A beauty swap takes place this week in Tel Aviv, with Israeli beauty guru Alon Schwartz giving away a collection of the most gorgeous products to her Israeli counterparts.

The event was organized by beauty shop owner Tamar Rosenfeld, who also organized the Israeli beauty exchange last year with the help of fellow Israeli beauty blogger Ari Leibovich, and was attended by the ambassadors of the US, UK, France, Israel and Canada, as well as a number of ambassadors from the European Union and Japan.

The event is scheduled to take place this Friday, June 10, with Schwartz and her team participating in a live chat.

She will also be presenting her products in a video that will be uploaded on her Instagram account and YouTube channel.

According to Schwartz, the exchange has been successful in Israel, with the ambassadors’ participation in her product-giving video growing from 30 to 100 viewers.

Schwartz said that she is now able to share with her Israeli audience what she does to ensure that her products meet the expectations of the Israelis who are interested in them.

“We want them to feel that the products are really good,” Schwartz said.

“We want to show that they are really comfortable with us.”

Schwartz said that the event also serves as a “great educational tool for Israeli beauty bloggers.”

“We hope that the international beauty community will also participate in the event and learn about the beauty products that are available in Israel,” she said.

Schwartz noted that the exchange, which will last for a week, has attracted over 40,000 viewers in Israel.

“I think that the beauty industry is in a better position than ever,” Schwartz added.

“I think the beauty exchanges have grown so much over the last five years.

It is also possible that more and more Israelis will get the chance to experience the beauty that I do.”

Read more: http://www.jpost.com/Beauty-exchange-Tel-Aviv-June-10-2018/The-worlds-most-beautiful-jewelry-is-stunning-to-see-from-a-beauty-s-head-source The Jerusalem Report

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