What you need to know about the Navy Exchange and ARMANI Exchange outlets

What you need to know about the Navy Exchange and ARMANI Exchange outlets

The Navy Exchange (NX) and the ARMANi Exchange (AR) are two separate, federally regulated exchanges, the Department of the Navy said on Wednesday.

The two exchanges have been in business since 2006, and the Navy operates both in the same building in Norfolk, Virginia.

Both exchanges offer a wide range of financial products, including debit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards, as well as a wide variety of online and phone services.

The Navy Exchange will accept debit cards from U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force members.

The ARMANeX is an online marketplace for U.K. military and civilian retailers.

Both companies also offer prepaid cards for those who live in the U.N. refugee camps.

Both companies have been open for over a year, and both have more than 7 million members.NX and AR are part of the same national commerce department, which is the Department’s primary financial service.

The two companies are separate but closely connected.

The Department of Defense owns both, and Congress approved the sale of the two businesses in February of 2017.

Both have had their own share of controversy, with the U,S.

military using the exchange to purchase and sell military supplies and other goods, and allegations of fraud.

The Department of Justice said the sale was “an abuse of authority.”

It noted that the sale did not include any new military equipment and that the companies were already selling military-related goods on the marketplace.

In a statement to the AP, ARMEX CEO Daniel Cappuccio said, “The U. S. military was not part of our consideration.

We do not have any knowledge that anyone was ever arrested, or prosecuted, for the transaction.”

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