When Bryson Tiller Exchange Goes to War with Monsanto

When Bryson Tiller Exchange Goes to War with Monsanto

Monsanto, the world’s largest agribusiness, announced plans to move its U.S. food distribution network to Canada this year.

The move comes as the company, which makes genetically modified foods (GMOs), is embroiled in a federal lawsuit alleging that it illegally sold its seeds to farmers in the U.K. in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The company says it has no intention of moving the company’s food distribution operations to Canada, which it says would put it in violation with the U-K.


“We have always been clear that we are committed to providing access to our markets for U.N. food assistance and the food safety, environmental and public health impacts of GMOs,” the company said in a statement.

“Our intention is to continue to supply our customers in Canada with a range of U.U.S.-produced and certified food products.”

In a letter sent to farmers, Monsanto CEO Tom Verbeek said that the move would allow the company to bring in new technology and help the U,K.

“address some of the issues that have emerged” in its food supply chain, such as contamination of U-pick crops and soil contamination from genetically modified seeds.

The news comes at a critical time for the company and a number of other major U.B.C. agribiz companies.

Last week, the U B.C., Canada and U. S. governments announced an agreement to build a biometric database that will help the governments better track the spread of infectious diseases, including coronavirus and pandemic influenza.

The deal also included a ban on GMO food products from entering the country, but many critics have criticized it as a backdoor attempt to legalize the use of GMO crops.

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