How to use Bitcoin and Litecoin for cryptocurrency exchange and payment options

How to use Bitcoin and Litecoin for cryptocurrency exchange and payment options

How to convert a fiat into Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ether?

There are many options out there.

I like to stick with a few of the more popular.

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies and haven’t done much research, this article is for you.

Here are my favorite exchanges: LTC:,  $25 USD/day for 1 month.

This exchange is one of the few that lets you transfer fiat directly from one account to another.

Coinbase has a very reasonable commission, which can be good if you want to move quickly and don’t have to worry about fees.


$15 USD/month.

You can use Ether to purchase Bitcoin and Ether on this exchange, which is great if you have a small balance.

Dash: $10 USD/minute.

This is a cryptocurrency exchange that is more popular than Coinbase.

Litecoin: LTC/ $15.95 USD/hour.

This site allows you to transfer fiat from one currency to another, but you need to use an API to do so.

Bitcoin: .

$15/month for 12 months.

You’ll have to enter your account number, password, and address, but they’re pretty easy to remember and use.

I prefer Coinbase because it’s easy to find and accept transactions and it’s free.

It also lets you pay for things like groceries with Bitcoin and LTC.

Here’s how to convert your Bitcoin or Ether to fiat:1.

Create a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet:  If you don’t already have a wallet, create one now.

Go to


Enter your Bitcoin address.


Select the “Add Funds” button.


Enter the amount of your payment.


Check the box next to “Accept as payment.”


Enter a currency conversion rate.


Click “Next.”


Enter an expiration date.


Fill out the “My Bitcoin Address” field.


Enter some more information, like your Bitcoin wallet address.5.

If all goes well, you should see a message that says “Your transaction is complete.”

You’ll see a confirmation message that you can now convert your funds to fiat.1.

Add funds to your wallet:  Go into https://getstart.bitcoin .

2, select your wallet.

You’ll be asked to enter the Bitcoin address you used for your wallet, and you’ll be prompted to confirm your transaction.3.

Create an Ethereum wallet for your Bitcoin: 

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